Savlon Freedom

Savlon Freedom Sanitary Napkin

To ensure good female hygiene practice among the Bangladeshi women, ACI launched Savlon Freedom sanitary napkin in 2008 under the Female Hygiene Category. ACI is always trusted by the consumers for its excellent product superiority. The product superiority of Freedom sanitary napkin has further increased the trust of the consumers.

Savlon Freedom is the international standard Sanitary Napkin manufactured through World’s latest technology. It provides the highest absorbent capacity and best dry feel advantage to make the user feel comfort and protected, so that she can move ahead equally in the 30 days of the month.
It has the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), that absorbs large volume of fluid instantly and soaks from inside the pad to ensure maximum dry-feel and protection.
It has the best quality PPF (Perforated Poly Film) material on its Top Sheet, which has the perforations that helps quick passing of fluid through one side direction. With unique quick penetrated process technology, it ensures liquid to penetrate the layers effectively over 6 times, prevents the lateral and back leakage, and keep the film surface dry and clean. Its special surface maximally satisfies the consumers feeling of delicacy, softness, especially meets women’s aesthetic standards.
Freedom Sanitary Napkin Portfolio is enriched with 11 SKUs under the two product category, Easy Open and Straight Type.
Easy Open Type:
Savlon Freedom Regular Flow Wings and Heavy Flow Wings are the major two SKUs under the Easy Open category.
It has the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that absorbs large volume of fluid instantly, converts fluid into GEL; locks inside the pad and ultimately ensure maximum dry-feel and protection. This is the major competitive benefit than other competitor Brands doesn’t have in their regular product.
The two SKUs- Freedom Regular Flow Wings (20 pads) and Heavy Flow Wings (16 pads) are offered as Economy Packs to high end consumers who prefer convenient.
Another SKU- Savlon Freedom Wings Combo Pack has been introduced as a distinctively new pack size for the first time in Bangladesh, as no other competitor brands have this SKU in their portfolio.
This SKU offers the benefits of a Combo Pack in the Wings category, where the consumer gets 6 Heavy Flow and 4 Regular Flow Wings napkin with a single pack convenience.
This will make the consumer confident in her whole cycle, as she has both the solutions- keeping protected and fit in the first days of Heavy flow and very natural and comfortable in the last days of Regular flow.
Regular Flow Panty system and Savlon Freedom Regular Flow Belt are the major SKUs in the Straight Type product category.
Regular Flow Panty system and Regular Flow Belt system are also offered as Economy packs to the consumer.
  • The Straight type napkin is superior to other competitor products as it is much compact in its Top Surface that helps to prevent the shrinkage from the two sides of the pad.
  • It has the folded pulp inside the pad that ensures high absorption of fluid.
Savlon Freedom Popular:
Savlon Freedom Popular was introduced as a product at only Tk. 35/- for the first time in Bangladesh for the working women and the first time users.
This is an affordable, scientific and hygienic alternative solution from the home made napkin, that ensures personal health and hygiene to make the user feel comfort and protected from any embarrassing situation.
It helps the working women to be relaxed in the working place, to work with full of productivity, which ultimately helps her moving forward with full confidence.
This is designed to give discrete protection and comfort which will allow the user to keep moving on with regular life style. It absorbs in second and the dry-weave top sheet helps to keep fresh ad comfortable, while body hugging channels help protect against sudden leaks.
Savlon Freedom sanitary napkin is available in the Retail Drug Outlets. Strong visibility in these strategic places creates a lot of enthusiasm among the consumers and traders. Ultimately, Freedom has a positive impact on the brand trial, sales and growth.

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